Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Do I Love You Jesus?

Do I love you Jesus?
I think I am for sure.
Yes I love you Jesus;
Even though I'm still impure.

Do I love you Jesus?
I think you can tell.
Yes I love you Jesus;
Even though from grace I fell.

Do I love you Jesus?
For without you I'm at a loss.
Yes I love you Jesus;
Even though I complain about my cross.

Do I love you Jesus?
Or maybe I'm just a liar.
Yes I love you Jesus;
Because you are my soul's desire.

Do I love you Jesus?
Or maybe I love another.
Yes I love you Jesus;
Even more than my mother.

Do I love you Jesus?
I think its clear to see.
Yes I love you Jesus;
Because you first loved me.

Saturday, March 26, 2011


The treasures of my mind,
Memories spanning years.
Walking the paths of time;
And collecting souvenirs.

A trail in the thicket,
And a road to the mountain.
A suitcase and a ticket;
And a wish tossed in the fountain.

The train whistle blew,
And quickly I ran aboard.
However, no one knew;
That all the while I sought the Lord.

Keeping the memory of His voice,
Stored securely in a jar.
For this I had no choice;
But to travel wide and far.

Farther down I lost direction,
But found guidance from an Elder.
He gave a heavenly reception;
And provided food and shelter.

Now its been many a season,
And the souvenirs stand to tell.
Of how a man drinks of reason;
From the depths of a living well.

Friday, April 23, 2010

The Dragon

A spirit of fiery flame,
Fell from a high level;
He would never be the same,
Thus Lucifer became the Devil.

After him many followed,
And in Heaven there was a fight;
They blasphemed what God had hallowed,
But darkness couldn't conquer light.

Descending down like lightning,
The devil and his legions;
What was pretty now is frightening,
What were angels now are demons.

The father of deception,
And a murderer from the start;
Bringing sin into conception,
And sowing tares in man's heart.

Just after Jesus' last meal,
Satan entered the heart of Judas;
History's repetition given a seal,
As Julius Caesar was betrayed by Brutus.

But in God's Kingdom there is no evil,
And in this we have no doubt;
The deliverance of God's people,
For the dragon has been cast out.

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Souls in the Wind

This may sound redundant,
But why did the wind stop blowing?
The seeds were abundant;
But only a few were sowing.

No dew nor rain,
And the earth dried up.
Rich and poor felt the pain;
But there was an Everlasting Cup.

A church on the hill,
The haven for a little flock.
There they sought God's will;
And built their souls upon a rock.

The penitent walked in,
With their faces towards the ground.
Humbly they confessed their sin;
Then rejoiced over the love they found.

Many years passed by,
And many came in and out.
A young man gave a sigh;
As he saw what life is all about.

How did they ever find,
That monastery in the hills?
They would have if they were blind;
For the wind bloweth where it wills.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Oh Strong Willed Son

Oh strong willed son,
How many steps have you taken?
How long ago you begun;
How sure you weren't mistaken.

You traveled down many a path
And stopped at many homes along the way;
You tasted God's love and His wrath,
But for a time you were led astray.

Was it gold that you sought?
Was it a woman you desired?
All the battles that you fought
Made your soul sick and tired.

Now twilight is dawning
And the day is far spent;
You didn't answer your calling,
And now your heart is for rent.

Sleep now dear brother
And your strength will return…
Take this advice from another,
And in time you will learn.

You see, God has a plan for you,
And this is for certain;
For there is plenty of work to do,
Before you reach your final curtain.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009


From the water he was drawn,
By the hand of Pharaoh's daughter;
As the Nile glittered in Egypt's dawn,
He was saved from the Hebrew slaughter.

Later skilled in all the Egyptian arts,
He grew mighty in word and deed;
Acquainted in numbers, letters and charts,
On knowledge his mind did feed.

A prince and heir to the throne,
Was his life and portion;
But when he became fully grown,
His eyes glanced at the land of Goshen.

Love for his brethren filled his days,
Then defying all human will and reason;
He chose to suffer with the slaves,
Than to enjoy the pleasure of sin for a season.

On his leadership depending,
He interceded for their very life;
While brother and sister contending,
Over Moses' Ethiopian wife.

He led God's people to their emancipation,
Then his holy life came to an end;
Never asking for a cross or consolation,
For Moses was the meekest of men.

Friday, November 28, 2008

Life and Death

As the ladder stretches to the highest height
Only in His light shall we see light
To win this fight we will need his might
Though He is out of sight we must do what's right

Heaven is His throne
The Earth His footstool
To soften the hearts of stone
And to make wise the mind of the fool

Man was formed from the ground on the sixth day
The Lord brain stormed on the waters around
To unite spirit with clay

Into the nostrils of man God did breathe
From the side of Adam came forth Eve
For breaking the fruit from Paradise forced to leave
God clothing them with skins for shame to relieve

Jealousy over the righteous acts of another
Drove Cain to rise up and slay his brother
The cries of Abel’s blood he could not smother
Lamination in the heart of their mother

The Lord gives and the Lord takes away
As man's life is but a day
His flower blooms then withers and fades
All man can do is hope and pray

Friday, July 18, 2008

Journey Well Maria

Journey well, Maria,
To your casa in the valley;
Hurry, sweet SeƱorita,
For there is no time to dilly-dally.

Walk quickly down the path,
The one you know so well,
Comforted with Moses' staff,
To cast off the evil spell.

Keep walking my Dear Lady,
Walk swiftly through the trees,
For the forest grows dark and shady,
And whispers are carried in the breeze.

Be careful not to dash a foot
On the rocks, the stones, and pebbles;
For evening falls as black as soot,
And out come the rogues and rebels.

Study Orion's great constellation
To guide you safely on the trail;
The moonlight is for you emancipation,
Your faith in God will never fail.

Lift up your head, O Maiden and Eastern gate,
Look up O Ancient and Holy Door;
Your prayers cleaning the sinner's slate,
O Virgin Queen thou art blessed for evermore.

Thursday, May 29, 2008

The Martyrs

They loved not their lives unto death,
Unlike mythology's smitten Greek.
Like the righteous sons of holy Seth;
God's law a lamp unto their feet.

Fed to the mouths of lions,
Burned at the stake.
Pierced with rods of iron;
Though their spirit did not break.

They did not fear the hottest flame,
Nor the threats of evil men.
Meditating on that sweetest name;
Their faith a precious gem.

Like the Holy Forty on the ice,
And Constantinople taken by the Turks.
The ungodly came with gifts to entice;
Yet nothing moved their good faith and works.

As gold is tried in the fire,
Seven times tested and purified.
Living their lives above the mire;
Guided by a candle they did not hide.

Taken from this life of vanity,
Now they pray for our protection.
They overcame fallen humanity;
By hoping for a better resurrection.

Friday, May 23, 2008

Time and Judgment

A window was opened in heaven
For the space of half an hour;
A maiden mixed in her leaven
Until it was kneaded throughout the flour.

The guests were invited,
The mansions were prepared;
The wages of work were decided,
The names in the book were declared.

The hearts of men being weighed
In the balance of life and death;
God's mercy to the ones who prayed
While the wicked took their final breath.

The poor, the blind,
The sick and the broken;
A meal for the mind,
A word well spoken.

The window began to close
For time was gliding on;
The last to make their repose
Sang the words of Moses’ song.

Queen Judgment gave her final warning,
Cutting so deep, time was sent to mend;
Then night changed to a bright morning,
And the beginning turned into the end.


Enduring the pain
As He hung on the cross
Despising the shame
Though he did not count it for loss.

The rocks were rent
The old saints did live
Before the day was spent
Body and blood did he give.

The red sea of Hades was parted
An exodus of those in captivity
The work the Forerunner started
Completed in Christ's divinity.

Appearing in a hidden form
He walked with the ones he chose
As quickly as He rebuked the storm
His earthly ministry came to a close.

Promising them a gift
As He ascended to His throne
His gospel causing the world to shift
His Spirit never leaving us alone.

The faithful filled with power
Glorifying God in a different tongue
The opposite of Babel's tower
All people's becoming one.

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Orphans and Widows

I know of a secret place
That lies across the ocean
And it has no spot or trace
Of the worlds intoxicating potion

I visit orphans and widows
And try to ease their pain
We walk through grassy meadows
And dance in the pouring rain

A young boy lost his mother
An old woman lost her man
So I try to be a brother
And do the best I can

We sit and share a humble meal
On our way to the citadel above
Praying for our wounds to heal
Gliding on the wings of a dove

Like pilgrims on their way home
Tired and heavy laden
We look up and see the golden dome
Rejoicing to find the hidden haven

We confess and lay down our cares
At the feet of the Holy King
Then within our heart love flairs
And once again our souls can sing

A Garment Of White

A garment of white,
To wear this is my dream;
A garment of light,
With no corner, edge or seam.

A thin and ethereal sheet
Which comes down from above;
A robe stretching to my feet,
A fabric sewn in love.

As finely tailored suits
Hanging in the wardrobe of my heart;
Like a tree whose strength is in his roots
That no force can pull apart.

The tapestry of Zion,
Bleached in Heaven's uncreated bliss;
The glorious mane of the lion,
Protected from the serpent's subtle hiss.

A cloth of alabaster,
Renewed each day it's worn;
From it blessings come the faster,
As a harvest of golden corn.

Smoother than all of China's silk,
Traveling across the ancient path;
As comforting as mother's milk,
More cleansing than a bath.